The Embassy

The Embassy represents a community of young world changers. The Embassy's goal is to show the next generation love, encouragement and to place them on a path where they can find a purpose while having their voice heard.

To show this through design, the word "Embassy" stood out the most. It had strong ties to government, politics and military. Design and graphical elements that were found from design research were redacted documents. The purpose of redacting a document is to hide and not show certain pieces of information.

One thing that was found by speaking with the young people in The Embassy is that they felt that their skills and talents were being overlooked and not acknowledged by the older generations. They felt as though they were being "redacted" from society, not being heard. So, the design solution for this identity was to imagine what would actually be hidden under the redacted text, what is the narrative here?

When you remove the redacted text what's hidden underneath is,
The Embassy – The next generation of world changers.

Jackson Alexander 2018 — Brisbane, Queensland